Have you been hit by unfair and excessive end of contract fees from your car rental company or leasing provider? You’re not alone.


These fees are rarely transparent or outlined when you take out the contract, resulting in an unexpected bill when returning your vehicle. Sound familiar? Let us come to the rescue.

On average we've reduced our clients damage bills by this much! (correct as of Sept 2017)

On average we've reduced our clients damage bills by this much! (correct as of Sept 2017)

Excellent company with regular, useful conversations. They ended up saving me £350 on my hire car damage claim so totally worth it!
— Mr Matt Prissick

Car Rental or Vehicle Leasing, we can help.

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In 2015 the Competition and Markets Authority carried out a review of car hire in the UK and in Europe and ordered rental companies to clean up their act. The investigation looked at the online price transparency, terms and conditions and general behaviour of rental companies. But things still haven't changed.

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The latest FN50 research found that 35% of cars returned to the UK’s 100 largest leasing companies incurred damage recharges, at an average of £274. Some leasing companies use a matrix to assess vehicle damage charges; others base them on actual costs. Many of these charges still aren't fair and are over inflated.

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Whether you're an individual or a business looking for help and to save money, it's simple, just get in touch and leave it to the experts!!

So why choose Damage Reclaim to handle your case?

Saving you time, money and hassle.

Our friendly team of experts will do the hard work for you, so that you don’t have to stress over the ins and outs of damage processes. We take the end of contract burden off your shoulders, the net effect of which won’t cost you a penny. If we can’t help, we won’t charge!


Let us reduce your damage bill today.