Got more than you bargained for in your end of contract damage invoice?

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You're not alone.

Drivers fork out over £50 million every year for ‘damage’ on returned lease vehicles or car rental companies claim for compensation. A huge portion of these charges are unjustified profit-making activity that goes unchallenged by businesses and the general public.

Should I pay up?

Not necessarily. If you believe that these charges are unfair, or that minor dents, scrapes and scratches constitute ‘fair wear and tear’, you might have a case to reduce your damage charges.  Often damage was present when taking out the initial car rental agreement and it's not unknown car rental companies to falsely claim compensation twice.

Who we are?

We have created a team of leasing and car rental automotive professionals with extensive experience of fleet consultancy and in-depth knowledge of BVRLA fair wear and tear standards and processes. 

Born out of frustration that consumers were not being dealt with in a fair and transparent manner, we set up Damage Reclaim. Our aim is to ensure that businesses and consumers are treated in line with industry standards. Going from strength to strength we now deal with rent a car damage worldwide reducing bills and estimates saving our clients £000's in the process.

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Why walk through that minefield?

It’s a good question. Thankfully, we’re here, so you don’t have to. Our damage reclaim experts will act on your behalf, to save you as much money as possible using our expert knowledge of the vehicle end of contract process and rent a car damage.

Get a fair outcome.

We’ve been operating in the leasing and car rental industry for years, so can advise on what charges are fair, and what constitutes profiteering. In doing so, our independent experts can potentially make a massive saving on your invoice or even reduce your return damage bill in full.


We're Open 24/7 - Call US Free On 0808 164 0282