What will it cost?  Nothing if we don't save you money!

Unlike many leasing companies and finance providers we want to make our rates and processes as transparent as possible for both individuals and organisations.  If you have a query on how Damage Reclaim can save you money do not hesitate to get in touch.

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With our support, you can push back against your leasing company or finance provider, and minimise the amount you have to pay if you have received an unexpected end of contract recharge. And if your bill is appropriate and we haven’t reduced it, we won’t charge you for our time.

However if we are successful we take a proportion of the saving which is 30%.  For example:

  • Damage recharge received: £580
  • Damage Reclaim reduce this bill by £300
  • You pay Damage Reclaim: £90
  • You pay your Leasing Company or Finance Provider: £280
  • Net saving to you: £210

We guarantee to reduce you end of contract bill or we won't charge you a penny.  What have you got to lose?  Take action now!


Does your organisation face a uphill battle when budgeting for unexpected end of contract recharges?  Our team of experts can not only help reduce these bills but work with you to utilise your fleet more effectively, avoiding these charges altogether. Working with you on a consultancy basis, we could be saving your business thousands of pounds in the long term.


Allowing Damage Reclaim to act on your behalf lets your employees focus on delivering for your business and not wasting time and money in dialogue with your leasing provider. Trying to understand the complexity of the end of contract process and how they have come to the end of contract bill can be a tiresome process but for our team of industry experts it's all in a days work.

We recognise not at all fleets are the same in terms of profile and size.  That why at Damage Reclaim we'll tailor your contract and charges to your exact requirements.  Get in touch with our team for your bespoke quote.

It's a win win situation for your business.  If we don't save you money, we won't charge you a penny.  What have you got to lose?

We're Open 24/7 - Call Us Free On 0808 164 0282